About Us

I met Richard Faralla in Sebastopol, Ca. in 1982. I worked in a book shop that had display windows for art and craft exhibits. Our adventures included installing several exhibits of his wood assemblage in the book shop as well as spirited conversations about life and art.

In the late 1980's he moved back to San Francisco where he began teaching art again. Then in 1989 he returned to Sonoma County and lived in Petaluma. He was a daily presence along the Petaluma River Basin with art notebooks and pens in hand. Many friends and students joined him in those days of art making.

I am honored to have known Richard in the 15 years before his death in 1996. He had a special way of living in the present moment. Art captures our attention so that time has no meaning.

Contact me if you would like to see the Petaluma Series of pentel drawings, water colors and pastels.

Ruth Walker, 707.322.0724,